Jeremiah: Jeremiah’s Call (Episode 42)

Jeremiah chapter 1 serves as the prologue to a long, difficult life as a prophet for Jeremiah. In this first episode on Jeremiah we cover the text of Jeremiah’s call in chapter 1, offer a brief introduction of the time period, the historical figures and themes of the book, and apply the lessons learned from chapter one in closing.

2 thoughts on “Jeremiah: Jeremiah’s Call (Episode 42)

  1. Just finished listening to the first lesson on Jeremiah. Wow! I have underlined, written things in my bible I don’t want to forget that help me understand so much more than before. You can teach this old dog new tricks. Great job, guys!

  2. We read, studied and discussed Jeremiah 1. Then, we listened to you guys. Hearing the history helped us to understand Jeremiah’s commission and the challenges/ great difficulties he would face. We loved it, Drew and Andrew!

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